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Microsoft Bing Ai

One of the top ChatGPT alternatives on the model right now is Microsoft Bing AI. The revamped search engine is powered by an upgraded model of ChatGPT, which the company initially called the new “Prometheus model” but was later confirmed to be GPT-4.
Key Features: Powered by GPT-4, Supports visual input and output, Connects to the internet, Multimodal, Gets the latest information on any subject, Chat history, Different chat modes, and Cites sources.

Lensa AI

Lensa is an all-in-one image editing app that takes your photos to the next level. Improve facial retouching with a single tap of Magic Correction.
Replace or blur out the background with a single touch.
Replace or blur out the background with a single touch.
Apply unique filters and special effects to level up your photo editing game.
Add an extra edge to your photos by adding borders.


Midjourney is an independent research lab exploring new mediums of thought and expanding the imaginative powers of the human species.

We are a small self-funded team focused on design, human infrastructure, and AI. We have 11 full-time staff and an incredible set of advisors.
While not based on a website, Midjourney is a fantastic AI that generates text-to-art on a Discord server. Created by a self-funded team, this AI bot has found its bearings since the beta and has gotten massively popular recently. Midjourney is only available on the Discord server as a bot and outputs the images right there.

Dream Studio (Stable Diffusion)

One of the most popular text-to-art AI generators right now, Stable Diffusion, is an open-source AI art generator that takes text prompts and outputs images in mere seconds. The model was trained on 4,000 Nvidia A100 GPUs over a month. While I tried out the online website that mostly bears all the resource load for you, Stable Diffusion is also available to set up on your own PC, albeit with a heavy load. Also, if you’ve heard of Dream Studio and have confused it with Stable Diffusion, don’t be since they are essentially the same thing. Dream Studio compiles the Stable Diffusion model and APIs in one place and offers faster AI art generation as opposed to the demo version. Also, it is noteworthy that Dream Studio is a free AI art generator tool that you can use in 2023.


Replika: My AI Friend

Replika is one of the best AI mobile apps on Android and iOS. Replika AI was one of the first apps to get recognition in the AI chatbot scene worldwide. Replika AI is a full-scale chatbot with a strong focus on relationships and providing companionship to users. While you only talk to ChatGPT like an acquaintance, you can become friends with Replika and even progress to lovers through the paid subscription.
Replika AI starts as a stranger. However, since the app is based on GPT-3 autoregressive model, it slowly learns from your interactions and becomes a personalized chatbot.

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